We may have graduated our reading to tablets and started subscribing to the news on the phone rather than an actual newspaper but the joy of opening up an old favorite or the excitement of flipping through a brand new story never leaves us. Words bring such wonder to the imagination that a movie can just never match! But with tons of books in different shapes, colors and sizes comes the challenge of storing them so little hands can pick up and put back with ease.

Whether you choose a large open storage like our in-house Abracadabra to store most of munchkin’s toys and books (we say most because lets face it, there will never be enough space to store everything!) or you choose something functional and simple like a few wall shelves placed strategically, books can be a great way to bring in color, add to a theme or just to make it all look good!

Color code

Its early for alphabetizing and frankly that means you get the joy of tidying up all to yourself. So why not try color coding? Simple yet so effective!

Image Courtesy: Babble.com

Toys for bookends

We have seen so many of these cute bookends online that we are dying to try one out for ourselves! We found this great up-cycle of plastic toys that just look so cool.

image courtesy: lovegrowswild.com

A home for fluffy

Get creative and use the books to make a little house for your kids special stuffed toy! Frame books to make 4 walls and then each night after the house is up, baby can put fluffy to bed in their own special corner.

Image courtesy: handmadecharlotte.com

Make a staircase

Why not stack the books by height so they make little steps for all the toy animals to walk down on? The shelf right beneath it can be the house they all go to for the night.

image courtesy: handmadecharlotte.com

Our Product Safety Features

  • Round Corners
  • Tested Jumps
  • High Quality Board
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Paint