When we close our eyes and imagine an ideal room for the baby, its almost always these cute close-up shots of soft white curtains, lots of light, happy cushions and colors strewn all around from toys, books rugs etc.

But what about the walls? Bare walls, in no matter what color are sure to pull down the aesthetic of any kiddie-cute room. And since city living leaves little floor space, storage has no way to go but up. Even with all that however, wouldn’t it be great to have one wall dedicated to having fun? We looked around for inspiring ideas and here’s what we found!

What wondrous dreams will one awaken to if this is the view that befalls one’s eyes as they open!

Image courtesy: Covadonga Cánovas

The best use of colored tape we have ever seen! And so easy too right? Just take it off and change it up!

Image courtesy: Joan Bracco

If you aren’t feeling too craftsy, by all means go ahead and wallpaper! If its stuff like this it just comes alive!

This wall will take care of every fight where lines get drawn, spaces demarcated and entry restricted for the nosy brother or sister !

Image Courtesy: Anikasdiylife.com

And since we are painting creatively, how about this amazing mural! In fact the whole room looks amazing and showcases a brilliant way to work a theme. See the rest of the room  here.

Or just something as simple as this! The frames make it all look super cohesive and the best part, keep changing the art!

image courtesy: childhood101.com

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