You have just put the little one to bed for the night. Their cute baby smell is still lingering on your hands. The house is quite and cosy and all feels right with the world. And just as you turn around to finally sit down, a piercing pain travels from the sole of your foot right to the brain!

Yup, you found a toy! Or rather your foot found it! And for the nth time, the craziness of living with a little one reminds you how the neat tidy house you once had is now a distant dream!

When they are babies, our kids’ messes are still somewhat controlled, but toddlerhood brings with it a barrage of stuff they need (or don’t need) that never seems to wind itself up! More importantly it just doesn’t look nice and pretty in their room. Ever.

So as we begin our journey together, we thought we might as well share some helpful tidbits we gathered along the way.

Everything in its place

For everything to find its place, it is crucial to understand what all needs a place? Ergo, eliminate stuff before you start selecting places for things.

As Marie Kondo says, keep only the things that spark joy! Read more about her inspirational konmari method here if you are facing difficulty cluttering down.

The simplest way to start is to make three piles, throw, donate/share with younger kid, keep. It is amazing how many broken pencils/missing toy pieces/random stuff you will find!  Again, once its whittled down to stuff you and your child have agreed to keep , lets get organizing!

A place for everything

Now that we know what stays, there are a number of ways that you can organize this space but choose one that you think will work for you in the long term. Think about their favorite stuff being in easy reach, if you rotate toys for your toddler what space to use to keep some away, do you want a craft corner etc. The point is to find a system that doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes on a daily basis.

Baskets, baskets, baskets

You get them in all colors shapes and sizes these days! Go for some open cloth ones if you have open storage options or find pretty ones with a lid so you can hide messed away!

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Storage at their height

Always try to have storage that is accessible to the little ones easily and there is no chance of little fingers getting pinched in the process. But again, we need stuff that takes care of things for a few years at least. For instance, Boingg’s in house cutie, Melman the giraffe, is built for years of stuff. When in a toddler’s room, it allows to successfully rotate toys and keep some out of reach for when they get bored of the ones below. And, as the kids grow older, Melman has enough space for them to be able to organize all their school stuff and knickknacks etc.

Another great option is the Boingg!’s Catch-all storage.  It comes in super handy for a toddler to store their stuff and as your kid grows, it will work perfectly as a bedside bookshelf!

Wall mount

If you have a narrow wall, use this otherwise dead space to put shelves, lean cabinets or even simple wooden crates painted in bright colors.

Hook it up!

Hooks come in such adorable shapes and designs these days, make sure to set them up at various places in the room for stuff that is required everyday and can easily hang like bags, jackets in the winter, swimming supplies, toy cameras and what not! Picture of hooks

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Get Rolling

Use the space under the bed to use plastic bins on wheels with lids to store stuff that you don’t need regularly like winter clothes . Alternately, rolling bins are also a great way to just plonk all the stuff on the floor if you need to tidy up in a hurry. Picture of bins under the bed Or you can choose one of Boingg!’s Bumblebee Bed!  

Hope these ideas help you get some sanity in the sea of clutter! If not, we are always around with a cup of coffee and a friendly ear!

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