Fun, Functional Furniture Ideas

Here at Boingg!, we love, love, love it when we come across  furniture ideas that are cool playthings by themselves and do more than just be a table or storage unit. The great thing about working for children is that we never have to stop having fun! Like the family of hippos that would run riot in any kids wile providing for ample storage or the boomerang table that puts a whole new spin on the lowly play table.

And so as we keep looking for new ideas… we came across some really fun furniture that just were so happy they made us want to go back to being a child just so we could own one of these.

For now, lets settle for the next best thing. Whichever piece gets the most interest in our comments section, we will do our interpretation of it and one lucky customer will have it as a gift from us!

  1. We found this design courtesy of Designlibero. The cushions are upholstered in fun shapes and sit inside their own wooden compartment so you can stack ‘em or spread them out as you wish.

2. How cute is this little piggy on wheels! Tie a rope through the snout and take your kiddie on a ride!

3. A life size puzzle made of simple foam that allows baby to move things around herself is just brilliant. We saw this on and are dying to do our very own version of this!

4. This guy has its own name! Its called Mini Loom from Fellin Furniture. It’s a ride-on toy, a chair, a storage unit all looped into one. Basically it’s the superman of chairs!

5. Would study time ever be a chore around these? So much fun yet function hasn’t been lost at all!

Share your thoughts in the comments below and give us a chance to gift our interpretation of one of these crazy crazy designs!

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