A dear old friend recently moved to the city in a house that allowed for a separate kids’ room. They even had the Boingg Playdate Bed set-up so that there could be no going back.

While friend & her husband were steeling themselves to transition their 4 year old daughter to the separate room in a few months, the daughter threw them a googly (as kids often do) and simply decided on the very first night she wanted to sleep in her own bed.


 Hang on to your congratulatory horses though dear frustrated fathers and exhausted mothers. The anticlimactic nature of the shift left the parents feeling rather lonely. The joy of not being kicked in the face at two in the night was overshadowed by the loss of midnight cuddlies.

So while we laughed/cried upon hearing the story, one thing was so so clear to us; there really is no ideal time for the transition  and whatever timeline you may have thought of in your head, the munchkins will just turn around and let you know when they are ready and that’s the thing to be prepared for!

Boingg’s Playdate Bed with its happy new owner

We asked for some tips from parents who have had very rough transitions, to those who got super lucky,  and all of them agreed on these :

  • Try to move them out as soon as you can, the cuddlies become more and more difficult to give up
  • Set-up their room like their bedroom, because when kids start identifying their room as the toy room, accepting the change can be quite the ride.
  • If they are 3+, the choice to move has to be theirs. The pride of taking this step by themselves will make sure they follow through
  • When doing up their room, invest in pieces that are useful and practical while being amazing to look at. Also you and the little one may like those cartoon characters now, but that might not be the case in two years. 

Whichever way you decide to go. We wish you luck and hope that the decision brings out smiles all around!

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