When we first started work on Boingg! The most difficult question was whether to offer bunk beds or not. While there is no denying the absolute functionality of a bunk bed along with the possibility of fun and antics, we weren’t sure how many parents would actually decide to invest in one.

So we did two things, designed them to fit a  standard single mattress ( as with all our beds) to make it usable for kids of all ages and did a true-blue market survey on them by talking to each end every parent that we met during our launch events about them, showing designs and taking in feedback.

In the end, we were able to launch a good range of bunk beds at Boingg!  that we and the parents were happy with!

Oh! But the heart wanders…. Take a look at some really cool beds that we find during research. Wouldn’t these be an awesome custom build in your munchkins’ room?

Let their inner space man fly to the moon and back every night!

Now that’s what you call a royal bedroom.
Dreaming of the beach each night!

A jungle gym and a bed all rolled into one.
If American barn style every takes your fancy
Millenial minimalism done with sooo much cuteness!

Our Product Safety Features

  • Round Corners
  • Tested Jumps
  • High Quality Board
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Paint